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Himalayan Salt - Plastic Shaker - Fine

Himalayan Salt - Plastic Shaker - Fine

Natural Solution

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This 1 lb shaker of fine Himalayan salt is the healthiest salt on earth! Healthier than sea salt!

Delicious tasting and rich in minerals. Himalayan Salt is the purest salt in the world. Free of bleaches preservatives and chemical additives. It has more than 94 minerals and trace elements. This gourmet-grade salt adds a burst of flavorful energy to your cooking.

Himalayan Salt vs Table Salt

* Himalayan cooking salt is unprocessed.
* Contains no environmental pollutants.
* Typical table salt in your grocery has been "Commercially Cleaned."
* Typical table salt is dried at 1200 degrees fahrenheit ; the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt.


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